"Embrace the ephemeral" has always been a slogan of rawtext.club, and fitting with that theme, we're starting over from scratch.

At present there are very few services available to users; currently including shell, local email, and hosting of gemini, gopher and html content. Discussions regarding what will be offered here are ongoing. Our local chat program gab is installed, but there are some homedir settings issues we are working through. If you get an account but are seeing no messages in gab please make sure your home dir is world readable (and chmod it to be so if it is not).

If you had an account on the old system and would like to get back in, just talk with cmccabe via his @sdf.org email address.

One thing has not changed, our social contract.

And, in traditional RTC—slow internet—style, things are moving slowly. We are trying to be deliberate and make a great system/community while also living our lives off of our computers. We look forward to getting back into the swing of things soon and hope to see you on the server as we start picking up more steam.