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   | '__/ _` \ \ /\ / / __/ _ \ \/ / __| / __| | | | | '_ \
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   |_|  \__,_| \_/\_/  \__\___/_/\_\__(_)\___|_|\__,_|_.__/
                               ~ The slow social network ~

Welcome   to  rawtext.club   (RTC),   an   experimental  community   for
socializing,  digital  skill  building, and  collaboration  through  the
medium of the GNU/Linux shell.

The RTC  was founded  on the  belief that smaller  and simpler  is often
better, and that learning to understand  and control your own tools is a
good thing.  Thus, RTC members  are people willing  to put in  effort to
learn the GNU/Linux toolkit, and  people who enjoy helping others learn.
Members are  people who  enjoy using, learning  about and  building open
source software on the command line.

Importantly, the RTC  was also founded on the belief  that people should
be able to socialize online without  being tracked or monitored. You pay
commercial social networks by letting them  exploit your user data for a
profit. That  won't happen  here. By  contrast, you  support the  RTC by
simply being a thoughtful and active participant.

Why is  it "experimental"? Because much  of the software members  use to
interact with  each other is  built by members  of this server  or other
like-minded servers[1], and is constantly  being improved in response to
user  testing and  feedback. RTC  is also  experimental because  it uses
member input to drive the future  shape of the system. Creativity of the
members helps experimentally improve this system over time.

What  does the  "slow" social  network mean?  RTC encourages  thoughtful
interactions   between  members,   whether  through   long-form  written
communication (bbs posts, email, gopher posts), or through collaborative
software  development. There  is no  IRC on  RTC, so  you'll never  feel
rushed  to lob  witty responses  back  and forth.  Instead, members  are
encouraged to focus on meaning and on building. Less talk, more do.

[1] The Circumlunar Universe, the Tildeverse, colorfield.space and other
pubnixes like SDF or Grex.

   Direct questions, comments, smart remarks or to: admin@rawtext.club
   To join, go to the sign-up page