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Before applying for an RTC account, please mentally step through this checklist to make sure you understand what you're requesting. Users who don't pay attention to these points will not have fun here and will likely be at risk of account termination due to a clash with community culture or violation of rules.

To join

Send an e-mail to admin at rawtext.club with:

  1. Your choice of username
  2. Your ssh key
  3. An explanation of why you want to join and why you think you will be a good addition to the command line community here


If you are emailing from one of the corporate email giants (like Microsoft, Gmail, etc), please check your spam mail bucket for the response from rawtext.club. We are a small mail server and the big bullies treat small mailers like spam by default. And, because it's quite likely the email won't even make it into your spam folder, so just try logging in after a day or so to see if your account was created.

1. If you are looking for a pubnix with bigger resources, there are many to choose from. Try tilde.team or SDF