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This is cmccabe's home page on is not well maintained.

But here is some additional information about (RTC), not found on the main index.html page.

Examples of user-developed programs available to RTC members on the command line:

What is unique about the list of programs above? Each one is a multi-user program with a decentralized data store model. The data input to each program is stored within each users' home directory and compiled on the fly when the program is run. Check out the source code to see how they're built, and try your hand at creating more programs like them.

RTC members have created a number of other really cool programs, but the ones above are highlighted here to show the decentralized model.

One goal of is to support those who contribute to the non-commercial internet.

I've said for a while that I'm going to put together a hand-curated list of the best non-commercial websites I have found on the internet. But I -really- get started on that project, here is a list of a few that will eventually make "the big list":

(This list ignores huge, well-known projects like Wikipedia or Project Gutenberg.)

The one criteria for inclusion in this list is that the sites are not designed to make money off of their visitors. While they may contain tip-the-developer type links, they do not contain ads or any features that would be used to monetize visitors. They are purely designed to provide free content to others.

If you want to suggest a site: just email it to my username (cmccabe)