Hi. I'm Kevie and am a Linux and open source software advocate. I've been using Linux exclusively since 2008, after testing it extensively throughout 2007. I have Microsoft to thank for getting me into Linux as I had an awful time with Windows XP and then was given an Xbox console by my wife which refused to allow me to play the games that I was interested in. My friend installed a Linux distro on it, at that point I'd never heard of Linux before, and it was a significant upgrade to the system. It was a couple of years later that I discovered I could install Linux on my PC and, after some initial teething problems, I've never looked back.

I co-host the TuxJam Podcast, along with Andrew and Dave. The main focus of the show is to promote lesser known distros and open source applications along with a mix of Creative Commons music. I initially started this project back in 2011, but found that the burden of doing it myself was too much. Andrew Joined the show in episode 17, February 2013. Dave joined the TuxJam crew for episode 59, July 2017, and we've never let him go.

Podcrawl Glasgow started in July 2014, this continued to be a yearly event until the Covid pandemic caused it to be cancelled in 2020. Not wishing to let something like a pandemic hinder us, this led to the creation of Podcrawl Jitsi. These still take place quarterly (approximately) and a new link is posted on the day. Check the website for more details.