Hi! I'm Sloum. I make software, primarily for terminals and public nix systems. I spend most of my time in gopherspace or on one of a few super cool servers (, where I host this site from being one of them).

The primary purpose of this site is to host documentation for my various software projects. If you'd like to visit me elsewhere I can be found through a gopher client on my own server:


This site has kind of become mostly legacy documentation. For more current stuff I can be found on my personal website or on gemini: gemini://

Software Documentation

  1. [bombadillo] Gopher client with vimlike keybindings and full screen paging for the terminal. Coded in Go.
  2. [stubb] Simple gopher client for the terminal. Coded in Lua.
  3. [chalk] Line based text editor for the terminal. Coded in Python.
  4. [lid] Lo-fi image dithering for the lightweight web.
  5. [gfu] Gophermap format utility. Coded in Go.
  6. [filtress] Image filtering language/interpreter. Coded in Go.