General Information

gfu is a simple command line tool to help users manage their gophermaps. It turns any lines in a gophermap that are not valid gopher links into type "i" lines. This process can be reversed (returning all type "i" lines to plain text lines) easily. Support for adding in a header and/or footer is coming soon!


gfu is exceedingly simple to use. In your terminal simply type 'gfu [path to your gophermap file]'. THis will convert plain text to type "i" lines.

To reverse the process add in the -d flag: 'gfu -d [path to file]'. The -h flag will output this same information on how to use gfu. Until the header and footer inclusion gets added, that is all there is to it! Super easy.

Getting gfu

gfu is coded in [Go] and can be built from source. No outside libraries are used, just the Go standard library. The source code is available at

-- Downloadable binaries are available for multiple operating systems/processor architectures --
OS Architecture Download Link
Linux x86 64-bit []
Linux x86 32-bit []
Linux Arm []
OSX x86 64-bit []