Hi! A little bit about me.


I am a Computer Science student with an interest in learning new languages. Both natural and programming languages (thanks to my friends who speak many different languages).

I'm also interested in whatever mathematics that I can understand. Thankfully, I'm at college with a few math students in it. :-)

I like functional languages, Python and am also developing a fondness for functional programming languages (thanks to my teachers).

This site

I try to keep this site minimalistic and stick to just text to make it as light-weight as possible.

No javascript or tracking. :)

Also checkout my blog and tell me what you think.

Corrections are always appreciated.

A quote

Here is a quote that I found online (source unknown. Tell me if you know where it's from):

/It is quite simple - nothing that is meant for you will ever get away./
/Love deeply, and without the need to possess or own;/
/let beautiful connections pass through you without attachment,/
/slam your heart into the people and the places and the things that ignite something deep inside of your soul,/
/and I promise, I promise - the right things will stay./
You will never lose what is for you.

Please don’t ever forget that.